Luxury packaging company specialized in making rigid boxes.

We manufacture great looking rigid boxes, paper bags and premium stationary for those who wish to showcase their products in the best way possible.


Rigid Boxes

We design and manufacture the absolute best looking rigid boxes in India. If you have the need to package your product to showcase its brand appeal, elegance and marketability, reach out to us. We work closely to determine your needs, sample our efforts and produce awesomeness. Our clients spread across India are from Hotels, Chocolate Makers, Jewellery, Personal premium accessories, Perfumes and Wedding Consultants.

Paper Bags

To accompany rigid boxes or package a standalone product, premium paper bags are an essential element to promote your brand. We work with your marketing department to determine your colors and produce the most relevant bag you need with any sort of addornment or thickness you require. These bags are custom made according to their size, style and function of your product, and ensure your product is carried safe.

Speciality Products

Be it ribbons, print work or designing high quality stationary to accompany the boxes or bags, our team does it all. Our team's overall expertise with form and function surpasses more than 20 years and we put this to the best use possible to ascertain your needs and bring fruition to your ideas. We are proud to have worked with the absolute best clientele in India.

Park Hyatt, Hyderabad:

"We are extremely happy to have Green Art as our exclusive packaging vendor for our entire F&B range of products."

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Want to know more? | a little about us

In 2011, we started in a small way to address the ever growing problem of plastic bags in Hyderabad. We worked with the absolute best brands in multiple industry verticals and realized the problem wasn't just plastic bags, its their lack of appeal to showcase their brands.

For the past three years, we have developed as a one stop shop for designing and manufacturing of rigid boxes, premium paper bags and speciality packaging material that are essential for any brand of international repute.

We are a boutique firm with an in-house manufacturing facility that works with each client to deliver their solution that is perfect to their product.

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